Block #8

6 12 2016

Date:     December 4, 2016

Location:     Winnipeg, MB


Quilt:  Seasonal Bowties

Quilt Recipient:   Personal

Fabric:  Seasonal Gatherings

Hospitable and welcoming Lord of life, you are the source of abundant life and all blessings.  Place you protecting hand upon our house, may it always be a refuge and rest.  May those who reside here reflect the warmth and light of your love, and all who enter be blessed and welcomed.  Help us to be faithful witnesses to the Christ through showing hospitality and acceptance to our neighbours and travelers on our street.  May they find confidence in the peace and protection only You can give.  Amen.


Sirach 29:21
[ Home and Hospitality ] The necessities of life are water, bread, and clothing, and also a house to assure privacy.

Block # 1

30 04 2013

DSC_0914Date:     April 21, 2013

Location:     Dawson Creek, BC

Quilt:     Hearts for Baby

Quilt Recipient:     granddaughter AAEP

In November of last year I became a grandmother for the first time.  A granddaughter of my own blood.  Grand children are different.  It is an indescribable feeling of your genes contributing to this new life.  She is so beautiful, because of course, she  belongs to me.

She adds to the regrets that I live so far away from ‘home,’ one more member of the family I can’t see every day if I chose to.

She was baptised yesterday.  I made a ‘grownup’ quilt for her, that is, not entirely of flannel.  It was a slightly stressful day.  She is privileged enough to have sixteen grandparents.  Three great-greats, seven greats, and six grandparents.  Two of the latter are a step grandparent and a common-law step grandparent.  It gets complicated and strained.

My prayer for this little gem – that she grow healthy, happy, and well adjusted; that she find joy and accomplishment in her growing; that she soar through life with confidence; that God be with her in her breathing and singing and laughing and guide her in her dreaming and doing; that she be kind, compassionate and generous; that her sense of family be strong; may she find wonder in the world around her and may beauty visit her every day of her living.

Genesis 34:3  And his soul was drawn to Dinah daughter of Jacob; he loved the girl, and spoke tenderly to her.